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die this way

Released on the 21st of December 2019, this album is a tribute to, and in honor of distant Brother guitarist John Veneziano who died on the same day in 2017. Engineered and produced by Eric Rachel from Trax East, and Mastered by Alan Douches from West West Side Music, this album features Jon Lange (Bass), Jim Dabal (Guitar), Dan Palladino (Guitar), Joe Cirotti (Guitar), Cameron Perry (Guitar), Kaeli Lange (Vocals), and Scott Strunk (Drums).

American Heros

Released in 2012, American Heros is a somewhat twisted tale of an Evil Knevil stunt impersonator who is coerced into joining a regional circus by a sadistic ring leader Milton. Evil soon discovers that Milton is exploiting him and all of the performers by taking advantage of their love to perform. Recognizing that his fellow performers are looking to him to deliver them from Milton's wicked ways, Evil commissions his long time friend Lou, from a small town in West Virginia, to join him in his quest. Be prepared for colorful characters and language while you participate in this epic journey for world peace.

Truth or Fair

Released in 2017, truth or fair is available wherever music is streamed or sold. This album deviates from the style in all previous albums taking on a more progressive rock feel. There are distinct influence throughout of Peter Gabriel, Sting, Kevin Gilbert, and more. This album is a must have for any distant Brother fan.

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